Doom is fucking metal. I just needed to get that out of the way before I continued with the rest of this. Honestly, Doom is some of the most fun I’ve ever had with a shooter. Running around each level and hunting for ever secret has never been so satisfying. A game that I had reached a similar consensus about was 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order. It was a beautiful shooter that laid the melodrama on a little thick but never enough to actively push me away from the game. Doom takes a complete 180 from this strategy and, what may quite possibly be the greatest achievement of any shooter in the last ten years, throws you immediately into the action. No melodrama. No bullshit. The voice over at the on set of the game quite literally tells you to “ and tear.” Immediately after that line you smash after said line you awake naked and chained into a sarcophagus and proceed to grab a demon in the eye and smash it’s brains in. There’s such a pure amount of unadulterated testosterone being pumped into this game I honestly believe that this is a healthy supplement for Androderm.

The game is relentless, unforgiving, it will make you beg for more. It’s such a lovely pastiche to the fast, rock hard shooters of yore. It’s a lovely breath of fresh air. We’ve gotten games here and there that try so hard to replicate the beauty of the ID and 3D realms games: Shadow Warrior and Rise of the Triad to name a couple.

Now to be honest, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I’ve had my fair share of graphical hiccups and bugs. I fully understand that the issues may be entirely subjective but then again, what’s the point of documenting my experiences with the game if I don’t give you the full picture. I had a slew of issues during one play session, ranging from resolution errors to the frame rate dropping into the single digits for up to thirty seconds at a time, in fact I had so many issues that I determined that the game would literally be unplayable from that day on. Luckily, I finagled my way around the problems and I haven’t had any issues since. Also, if you’re looking for a story-driven first person shooter than, boy oh boy, you stepped into the wrong neighborhood. Hell, you’re probably in the wrong city in a different fucking continent. The story is the most generic and boring story I’ve ever seen in a game. It’s brutal (doom). The good thing is that the game fully acknowledges this. Doomguy is a swirling entity of rage that has no time for story. He is the anti-BJ Blaskowitz, none of the thought-provoking monologue, zero humility. Doomguy is here to rip and fucking tear. Going back to the beginning of the game, once you jump off of your sarcophagus (which in a holographic log shows that the people of Mars, hilariously, worshipped Doomguy) you grab a gun and that’s it. You’re thrust into gunplay within a matter of seconds and that is the beauty of this game. The gameplay is superb. Every gun packs a meaty punch as shown by the dismemberment of nearly every body part known to demon kind. The Glory kills, which was initially panned  by most fans, is a welcome addition and fits perfectly with the gory, brutal aesthetic of the game.

The story mode is what makes this game. It’s worth the $60 price alone but coupled on top of this experience is… the multiplayer. Now, the multiplayer is nothing to write home about. In fact, if you’ve played Quake Live than you’ve played a better version of the DOOM multiplayer. It’s not bad but it’s not groundbreaking either. I played about 45 minutes of it and I can sufficiently say that that is more than enough time. Hell, don’t even bother with it until you’ve finished the kick ass story mode because you’re really just wasting your time.

DOOM is one of the coolest shooter’s to come out in the last fifteen years. It’s an excellent look into what made 90’s-00’s era shooters just so god damned good. We’re already neck deep in the modern military (now future) era of shooters and it’s been a pretty consistent level of disappointment for at least eight years. You’ll have your gem here and there but DOOM is different. It takes that gem and peppers gold and gore over it. It’s some of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in the past few years and I hope this is the beginning of a fantastic new trend. We need more games like DOOM.


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