I’ll be honest, I like playing games on my iPhone. Not many people like to admit that but whatever, it’s a good thing to spend some time on when you’re bored. I don’t like to play them for long periods of time but it’s still some fun. 

The reason I’m targeting this article today is because recently one of my favorite PC games was recently ported over to iOS. Titan Quest was released in 2006 and immediately gained this cult following. Diablo II was one of my favorite games of all time so when Titan Quest was released it immediately drew me in. The setting, the gameplay, the lootfest, XP-grind, everything about it scratched that itch that had been long unattended. 

The recent port to iOS is, surprisingly, excellent. I’ve played maybe 2 hours in spurts. It’s a ton of fun. It’s akin to the Star Wars: KotOR port that came to iOS that I poured tens of hours into. It’s actually really surprising since I’ve blown off a lot of phone games as being lower than console and PC, and while I still believe that, there’s no doubt that they’ve definitely excelled in terms of quality (probably because they’re porting over already fantastic games). I played through KotOR many years ago and was blown away. Knowing that I got about the same level of fidelity on my phone was mind blowing. I completed the game on my iPhone and was left just as struck by it as if I had played it 8 years ago. Another game that I played on PC on its release was Shadowrun Returns. An amazing turn-based cyberpunk RPG that captured the look and feel of Shadowrun with almost impeccable grace. When I saw that it had been ported to iOS I jumped in my chair. The port was excellent and managed to change the control scheme to an acceptable level with a touch screen. 

For as many great ports there are for equally great games, there’s double on the shitfest that is shoveled out every day. There’s so much crap invading the App Store everyday. Truly abysmal pieces of hot fire garbage that should’ve been put to the stake prior to release. Some games just don’t control well (see: Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf), a cash grab (see: any free game on the App Store), and/or its just lazy and unoriginal (see: 2nd response). 

I’m just seeing now, more than ever, that there’s some really high quality stuff being put out on the App Store. Great games, great controls, great mechanics, great stories, and they all seem to have mastered the touchscreen well. But, be wary, for every fantastic game on the App Store, there’s five more peeking around the corner waiting to snatch up your time and money. Buyer beware. 
Update: Thanks for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed that. Just a quick item, I’m gonna be starting up a written lets play of Deus Ex: Human Revolution since, well I fucking love all two of the Deus Ex games (Invisible War and The Fall (speaking of shitty iOS games) are not real lalalalala). I’m so pumped for Mankind Divided to drop that I was thinking that I’ll play through Human Revolution and document it until the release of Mankind Divided. Thanks for reading, I’ll try to have the first part of Human Revolution up by either today or tomorrow.


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