Where do I even begin? This was one of the most tense, heart-pounding, guttural experiences I’ve ever had at the theater. There were scenes where I literally quivered in my movie seat and averted my eyes from the screen, unable to process what was happening. I’m not joking when I say that this is one of the most tightly filmed movies I’ve ever seen. Not a single second is wasted on useless exposition. Everything serves a purpose. Everyone is expendable. As the film progressed I really grew to like these characters I was following on their punk rock journey to stardom. It has a few hitches here and there (so you could say) but it all turns out just fine when our group winds up in a neo-nazi bar where the song the play is berating meo-nazis. I don’t understand why they thought that was a good idea whatsoever because it really turns to bite them in the ass later on but whatever, to each their own. The big event in this movie is one that I’ll keep hush-hush for now but it’s a doozy to say the least.

From that moment onwards it is a fight for survival as the punk-rockers battle the neo-nazis run by no less than the great Sir Patrick Stewart. Just a really quick aside, Patrick Stewart absolutely kills this role. He is absolutely chilling throughout the entire performance. He’s a mastermind at play and you know that once everything’s going according to his plan the punk-rockers are (for lack of a better term) completely fucked. They don’t even stand a god damned chance. They’re mowed down nigh on effortlessly. Those moments are so fantastic because they’re so brutal. I had to look away during the truly disturbing box cutter sequence and I’ve never been more shocked (as in mouth wide open not believing what I had just witnessed type shit) than I was during the bar sequence. My fucking God, it’s absolutely brutal and gory and nasty… and I love it. 

The real unsung hero of this film is the sound design. They really had everything on point. Musical cues were timed perfectly and seemed to fit in with ease, while silent moments had me holding my breath alongside our rag tag team. It’s really reminiscent of 10 Cloverfield Lane for me, which is a film that I absolutely adore, particularly because of its genius use of sound. It was one of the first times I’d ever walked away from a film and said “The sound design in this movie was out-fucking-standing”. That’s not even an exaggeration. Green Room had me feeling the exact same way which is something great.

Green Room is easily for me one of the best horror/thriller/suspense movies I have ever seen. It’s a masterful example of top notch sound design synergizing really well with high quality acting and story to create a completely immersive and (unsettlingly) realistic film. I can’t recommend this movie enough. It’s one of the best thrillers out there right now which is sad in a way since I doubt very many people are gonna see it. It had two showings on one day at my local theater before it was discontinued. Such a shame. People are missing out on one of the best movie experiences this year. 


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