The scene I’m gonna pick isn’t exciting in the typical sense. It’s not boisterous and grandiose. It’s really quite simple but it really shows me how far video games have come as an interactive story medium. Uncharted 4 is a big, loud, awesome playable action movie. It excels in all of the qualities but the moment where it really shines is in Nathan’s house. Walking through and seeing all of the tiny details from games past. It was a really strange moment for me when I walked into Nate’s bathroom and said “This is the most realistic toilet I have ever seen in a video game.” I played through that with my girlfriend sitting next to me. Now, she doesn’t play games but she was in absolute awe as I walked through this virtual house. At one point she asked me to get up close to the sink because she recognized the bottle of hair gel that was modeled.

This moment was really exciting for me because it solidified one of the best things about video games: utilizing interactivity to produce high quality story beats. This moment was excellent because it’s not shoving story down your throat, it’s using subtle pieces of information like a photo album, the bathroom, the cluttered layout of the house, to show off the story and it’s really smartly done. I loved this little tidbit, especially when you play Crash Bandicoot to decide who does the dishes, the brief moment of clarity that Nate has when he begins to fade into the adventures of old. This moment doesn’t require twists and bombastic set pieces. You’re just a man, walking through your house, and it’s one of the most exciting moments I’ve ever experienced.


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