So, I just played through the first couple hours of the highly underappreciated D4, a detective thriller developed by none other than Swery (aka Suda 51). Swery repertoire includes some of my favorite guilty pleasure games: Deadly Premonition and Killer Is Dead. One thing you’ll notice about that last is that they’re not exactly known for being “good games”. They are buggy, nigh on unplayable messes at times but I still can’t get enough and that’s for one big reason: these games are stylish as fuck. 

Seriously, Swery has made some of the most stylish and bizarre video games I have ever seen, in part because he straight up copies things from American culture. Deadly Premonition is my favorite example of this because it looks like someone sat Swery down to watch Twin Peaks for five minutes, at which time Swery promptly stood up and said “I can do this”, with no other knowledge of the material. It’s incredibly bizarre but I freaking love it. I’d been waiting for some time to get my hands on D4 and today I finally got the chance to play it. Keep in mind I haven’t finished it but what I’ve played so far is really up my alley. 

In D4 you play as David Young, a P.I. who’s wife was murdered at the hands of the unknown “D”. David’s wife’s final words were to “Look for D”. And that’s exactly what David has done. In one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a game in a long time, David dramatically throws down a folder pertaining to his wife’s murder. It is a hulking monstrosity of a file complete with every tiny tidbit of information relevant to the case. The file also contains a section devoted to the names and pictures of possible suspects, and the only thing that links the suspects is… the letter D. That’s it. No man, woman, or child is safe. From Derek to Darlene, Detective Derek Young is hot on the case. 

The gameplay is nothing to write home about. It’s a standard quickTime affair which has been the noticeable trend recently in adventure games. What D4 does right in this respect is wacky visuals and visually interesting scenes playing out on screen. I had a few genuine laugh out loud moments with this game, and the best part is that I don’t know if it’s intentionally trying to be funny. It’s just wacky and silly and goofy and I love it. 

If you’ve ever played a Suda 51 game and enjoyed it than this is for you. It’s one of his best games because it feels really complete. It’s sad that we may not see a season 2 anytime soon (if not ever) since this game has a ton of potential. This is just a load of fun. If you’ve got the $15 to spare I’d highly recommend it. 


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