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Month: June 2016

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5 hours with: Fable Anniversary

Fable is a wholly unique franchise. The original Fable and Fable 2 are held near and dear to many people’s hearts. It was quirky, funny, engaging, and exciting. It was pretty much everything you wanted from a game. I remember the first time a copy of Fable was put in my hand. I had going through a stretch playing The Sims. […]

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A Bleak Future: A Cyberpunk Ramble

I’m a sucker for some good ol’ fashioned cyberpunk thrillers. I just adore the aesthetic more than anything. No matter what Cyberpunk game you play, or movie you watch, one thing will always remain consistent: the city. That seems like an odd statement to make but just give me an opportunity to prove this. While every city may have some visual […]

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SteamWorld Heist (Quickie)

I’ve mentioned in previous posts as to the difficult relationship I’ve had with strategy games. They can be boring and unexciting at the best of times and unplayable messes at the worst. Only a few strategy games have ever been able to chip past my stone wall of instant abject boredom and actually work with me, but when a strategy […]

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The Creeps: Resident Evil VII

I’ve had a rather tumultuous history with the Resident Evil franchise. They’ve always been competent and interesting shooters with ridiculous stories and, most detrimental to me, cheap scares that border on non-existent on the spooky-o-meter. Resident Evil was also a series that lost it’s footing along the way. Does it want to be a lumbering, tank control game or a fast paced […]

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5 hours with: The Elder Scrolls Online

I’m never been one that’s looked fondly on MMO’s. Usually they bore the life out of me since the quests consist of “Kill 5 of these” and “Collect 10 of those”, and they way they want you to collect is just monotonous and tedious. *pmhjdsfgjiiII’m not*Press 1* Wait… *Press 2* Wait… *Press 3* Oh, nevermind. It’s already dead. Rinse/Wash/Repeat twenty times. It’s garbage game […]

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The 5 best PS4 games so far

The PS4 is one of the most spectacular consoles to have ever been brought onto the market and it’s continually rising sales figures only serve to further the point. The PS4 has transcended the stigmatization around consoles and has become a central icon in the future of gaming. Sony is entering at the forefront of VR technology for consoles with the […]

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EA Press Conference

While EA has always been one for large, spectacular events with global reach, this year’s EA Play event seemed to fall rather flat. Riding high on the momentum of Battlefield 1’s incredible trailer, EA seemed to be heading into E3 with a strong showing. Sadly, they didn’t capitalize on the forward momentum that had been built prior to the show. […]

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Film Review: Warcraft

Well, it’s finally here. The mighty embrace of the horde has finally marched onto our theater screens and it’s… ok. Honestly, it’s just ok. It’s not anything to write home about, it’s iust a good movie. It has some significant problems but it still manages to be an enjoyable romp that you’ll most likely forget about after you’ve left the […]

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Bowling Review

Yes. You read that right. I’m gonna review Bowling. Not Wii Bowling. I’m talking about real ass bowling. Now, let’s give a bit of context.  Bowling dates back to the days of Ancient Egypt and the oh so Holy Roman Empire. Great Pharoahs and Emperors smiting down their furious vengeance upon the unknowing peasants and field hands with the heads […]

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The Grandfather Review

Depression and the loss of self-worth are haunting subjects to tackle. It’s difficult to succinctly place into words a wholly subjective experience. No one person’s battle with depression is cookie cutter, it’s a unique experience that someone can feel at any point in their life. Confronting these subjects in art is one of the best ways to fully understand it’s […]

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Anomaly 1729 Review

The puzzle platformer is a genre that I have a distinctive love/hate relationship for. It just depends on the mood I’m in. At times these games satisfy an itch deep inside my cranial cavities that only wishes to validate my intelligence. Other times these games actively repulse me, mostly because I’m too stupid to solve the puzzle. I won’t lie, […]

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What I’m (not) pumped to see at E3

With E3 right around the corner, plenty of us have games or hardware that we really want to see announced. But, sometimes there’s stuff that we just really don’t want to see. There’s a whole slew of stuff that I’d rather not see. Some things I would rather not see purely out of its lack of originality, and other things […]

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The Greenlight: Quest Hunter

It’s pretty well known (at least to me) that Action RPGs are by far and away my favorite genre of video game. So, when 2 Zombie Games’ Action RPG Quest Hunter popped onto my E-Mail I was delighted. Quest Hunter boasts a unique story driven RPG with weapons, crafting, collecting materials, and humor. All of this sounds spectacular. I really pay attention […]

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What I’m pumped to see at E3

E3 is right around the corner and with that comes a whole slew of new game announcements and tech. So, without further ado, here’s my list of what I’m excited to see at E3 2016. 5. Unreal Tournament With the release of DOOM finally under wraps I believe it’s safe to say that the Old School shooter is recieving the resurgence […]

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(I just wasted) 5 hours with: WWE 2k16

Wrestling is pretty dope… sometimes. It’s a real hit or miss. There are some days where I’ll be watching RAW and getting really into it. The storylines just mesh well and the actual wrestling is entertaining. Sadly, that’s only about 20 percent of the time. The other 80 percent of the time is dedicated to some of the most painfully […]

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Why I love Mount and Blade

Today I want to talk a little bit about Mount and Blade, a game released in 2007 by developer TaleWorlds Entertainment. This is a masterfully crafted, albeit janky, Action RPG. Yet, it’s not really fair to call it just an Action RPG. It is one of the most fully realized simulation games I have ever played. The scope and breadth […]