E3 is right around the corner and with that comes a whole slew of new game announcements and tech. So, without further ado, here’s my list of what I’m excited to see at E3 2016.

5. Unreal Tournament

With the release of DOOM finally under wraps I believe it’s safe to say that the Old School shooter is recieving the resurgence that it has so desperately needed. I’d even go as far as to say that the fast paced shooter of yore (e.g. DOOM, Shadow Warrior, Unreal Tournament) is pumping exactly what the first person shooter industry had been lacking for the past couple of years. The first Unreal Tournament is one that I have fond memories of playing as a kid. It was fun, fast, and full of energy. Let’s hope that the new entry into the series will do justice to this treasured franchise. 

4. Microsofts line-up of Games

Microsoft has a whole slew of new games coming into the market, some new IPs and some are sequels to long loved franchises. Crackdown 3 is the big one for me. I loved the first two crackdown games, they weren’t great by any stretch of the imagination but they did provide a hilariously fantastic power fantasy as a super cop. What doesn’t sound fun in that? We also have a sequel to Halo Wars on the way as well as some more info on Gears of War 4. I’m also excited to see how the production of Sea of Thieves is coming along since that was one of the more interesting looking games to come out of last years show. 

3. Square Enix Games

It seems that this E3, more than any other E3, I have a vested interest in seeing what Square Enix is bringing to the table. They have a list of high quality games that I cannot wait to play. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is one of the most exciting games coming to the show because we’ll be able to step into the shoes of Adam Jensen one more time. I have such a strong love for just about anything Cyberpunk. It’s funny, to this day I have never played a game of Shadowrun (I’ve always wanted to) but I’ve a read a good chunk of Shadowrun books. The Deus Ex games have provided the excellent fantasy of being placed into a fully realized Cyberpunk world and it’s excellent. Kingdom Hearts 3 is also slated to be playing a big role at the show this year and while I’ve never been a Kingdom Hearts fan I can’t deny that te gameplay showed last year was spectacular. I’m excited to see if this’ll finally be the game to get me into the series. Final Fantasy XV is also heading to the show and while I’m not head over heels with this game (or any of the other Final Fantasy games for that matter) the playable demo really was spectacular and the game looks like a lot of fun.
2. Dishonored 2

I am so excited for the sequel to the 2012 hit, Dishonored. While it wasn’t my game of the year in 2012 (because look at the spectacular list of games that were released in 2012) it still won over my heart. I absolutely loved everything about the game. In a lot of ways, specifically combat, it was reminiscent of Deus Ex. It was open ended leaving a lot up to player choice, do you want to sneak your way into this whale blubber refinery or do ou want to slaughter everyone? Your move. Another big thing that I loved in Dishonored was note collecting, delving deeper into the lore of this wildly interesting world. I can’t wait to explore Dunwall one more time. 

1. Hardware Announcements Galore

In the past couple of weeks we’ve been hearing some big news from both the XBOX and PlayStation camps. Rumor has it that XBOX has two new consoles coming into the market. We’re expecting both consoles to be announced at E3. The first console is the XBOX slim which will be a significantly smaller version of the XBOX One. The second console will be Codename: “Scorpio”, a significantly higher powered version of the XBOX One to combat the PS4 hardware advantages. It seems like since the beginning of this new console age the PS4 has had a significant advantage over the XBOX One and it seems to have remained this way for the past few years. I was also a part of the initial craze of the PS4 which is really odd now that I think about it. During the last gen of consoles the XBOX 360 was my main gaming console while the PS3 was nothing more than a glorified Blu-Ray player. I’ve been wanting to get an XBOX One for quite a while now but with this newly released information I’ll definitely hold out until Scorpio is released. The PS4 is also recieving an upgrade with Codename: “Neo” it’s unknown really as to any specifics on the console but it is supposedly a higher powered version the PS4. It’s also reported to have two modes, regular and Neo, which will presumably upgrade the performance of any game that is capable of going into Neo mode. And how can we forget about VR, it’s the hot new item that’s sweeping the nation. VR is one of the most fascinating technical achievements to come out of the gaming industry and while we’ve seen a big push for VR from companies such as Valve in the PC market, we have yet to see anything solid from Microsoft and there hasn’t been any new information on the PlayStationVR in quite a bit. Is this the show where both companies will show off their hardware? I don’t know for sure but I’m really interested in finding out. 

This E3 is possibly the final gasp of the long loved trade show due to multiple companies backing out and doing their own show. Either way, this is lined up to be one of the most interesting E3.


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