As I sit here writing this piece, I have World of Warcraft Alt+Tabbed behind me. The echoes of the beautiful score rippling into my headphones is filling me with a sense of nostalgia for a game that I actively disliked. This nostalgia is deceptive and I’m recognizing that, but I can’t help but feeling this enjoyment for a bygone era. I have a tumultuous relationship with World of Warcraft, I played for a bit maybe seven years ago and the game didn’t hook me. To this day, the highest level character I’ve ever had is… 37. That’s right, for some people that’s maybe two hours of gameplay, for me it was a few weeks of tedium and monotony. I skipped past text boxes and mindlessly accepted quests that were, for the most part, meaningless and boring.



I picked up WoW during the Burning Crusade expansion pack and I had a pretty shit time. My rationale for picking up the game was that it looked exciting and a lot of my buddies were playing the game too. But, after twenty minutes of gameplay I realized that this was not the product for me. I slogged through a few levels, got bored, logged out, and never logged back in. I let my subscription run out and for some time I didn’t look back. Then Cataclysm came out, it promised to shake up the entire WoW universe to it’s core and the promise of that at the time really excited me, also my buddies were still playing. The Worgen’s seemed like an amazing addition to the game and looked to be the most promising race. So, I picked up Cataclysm and I was engaged for a bit. With my Worgen Warrior (I forgot what the fuckers name was) I got to about level 37 and for one reason or another I just stopped playing. And again, I let my sub run out and didn’t look back.

Two expansions came and went, and they completely fell under the radar for me. I made fun of the panda’s and then immediately forgot about their existence. Warlords of Draenor was barely a blip on my radar, I’d just heard about some people’s experience in passing but I never really looked twice.


And then the Warcraft movie came out.

I wrote a review on the film and while I didn’t pan it, I sure as hell didn’t give it a glowing review. It was an ok movie; I haven’t thought about it much since the first showing nor have I seen it since the first showing. What the Warcraft movie did do was peak my interest in the lore. I’m not a buff on Warcraft lore by any stretch of the imagination, in fact, I went out of my way to not read shit when I was playing WoW (trust me, I know. I’m fucking stupid.). But, after watching Warcraft I found myself heading over to the WoW wiki every now and then. Reading up on the fall of Arthas, the events of Warcraft 1-3, Thrall, and other stuff, and that stuff was fascinating. I started reading as much as I could from the WoW wiki and when that wasn’t enough I started listening to Audiobooks. I listened to two until I realized that I wanted to just delve into the source.


I began by merely dipping my toe. If I went headfirst into WoW I knew that I would just burn myself out and hate it again. I downloaded the game and played up to 20 with a Human Warrior, and holy fuck was that boring. I noticed a trend with all of my characters, they were all on the alliance, and all of the quests were pretty boring. I decided, against my moral fiber, to start up an Orc instead to see if that would have any effect on my overall experience.

Lo and behold, it did! Fuck the alliance!


I played with (and am currently playing with) an Orc and I’ve absolutely loved my experience. I can’t explain why but it was so exciting to play as a colossal Orc who just didn’t give a fuck. I went along the quest path and read the quest text and realized what I’d been missing out on. The writing in WoW is pretty freaking spectacular. Blizzard’s ability to alternate between deadly serious and light-hearted jokes took me back at first. Was this the same game that I had played and ignored for years?

I guess I decided to pick up the game at the right time, I bought Legion and game time and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been a slow experience so far but not one that is unenjoyable. I’m taking my time and appreciating a game that has connected and enthralled with so many different people. I’m coming at this game from a unique perspective that very few people have. I’ve never really played World of Warcraft, and when I did play I was playing it wrong.


I’m only at level 27 right now but I’ve had a stronger urge to play the game then I ever before and that’s pretty damn exciting. It’s just interesting to me since I haven’t seen the vast majority of content that WoW has to offer which makes this a brand new experience for me. It’s nice to know that I can log into WoW and be surround by comfort and familiarity after a hard day. A world that is both foreign and alien to me yet comforting and relaxing all at once. I’ve been using WoW as some pseudo-stress reliever and it’s worked wonders. If I want to devote time to WoW and listen to the music and read the quests I can, but if I want to use WoW as mindless fodder while watching some T.V. or listening to a podcast, I can easily do that too. I admit, it’s not the best way to play a game but I feel that the tactic suits WoW especially well.

I’m loving WoW so far. I’m going to continue playing and I’ll most likely update my experience. I want to give some detailed writings on my experiences so far in zones that I’ve never really visited. Orgrimmar was one of those locations that absolutely blew my mind and still confuses me to navigate. My main goal with this post is really to preface that leveling experience series. If that’s something that you think would interest you guys then please feel free to let me know!

I’m trying a different tactic for my Legion review. It’s gonna take some time but I want it to be thorough so I’m gonna document my point until I get to that content. I want my review to be as detailed as possible and it’s definitely something that I want to do.


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