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Late Night Quickie: Stellaris

 It’s 11 pm right now and I’m writing this in a dimly lit room that seems to be only receiving light from my computer screen. While I wasn’t planning to write anything today since Sunday is relaxation time, I felt like I wanted to discuss a game that everyone seems to love but I can’t seem to get into. Stellaris […]

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Film Review: The Nice Guys

Last night my Girlfriend and I went out on a date to the movies. We strolled up to the theater with two movies in mind: Green Room (which I will have a review up on shortly) and The Nice Guys. As you can tell from the title of this post, we settled on the latter. Now, I loved Green Room […]

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A love letter to Uncharted 

Uncharted is a franchise that I hold dear to my heart. It’s one of those consistently amazing games that drops you in an interesting world with equally as interesting characters. Each character is unique and, I think most importantly, fun. Uncharted satisfies something inside of me that has an innate love for swashbuckling adventures, for the charismatic hero who comes […]