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American Animals: A Chat on Editing

American Animals, the newest love project of film-maker and documentarian Bart Layton (who’s 2012 film The Imposter fundamentally reshaped the way that I consume documentaries), is the most finely edited production I have seen all year, and possibly the best film of the year. While the film has a fine cast, with the likes of Evan Peters and Barry Keoghan […]

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A Brave New (Open) World: The Effects of Ludonarrative Dissonance in Open World Crime Titles

With the release of Mafia III, and the unequivocal frenzy it has conjured up, I’ve felt particularly compelled to talk about the nature of Open-Worlds. Mafia III has been riddled with performance issues and glitches, in large part to poor coding and design, but also, possibly to a lesser extent, the scale of its Open-World. I’ve been following the development of […]

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Why I love Gears of War

Gears of War. The name itself holds a nostalgic tinge to it. It’s a game that, even if you didn’t play it during its hay day, is understood to have fundamentally manipulated the identity and understanding of Video Games. I remember a few months after the Xbox One was released people continually asked themselves “What’s going to be this consoles […]

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A Narrative Analysis of Event[0]

The human experience is one that is marked by either goodness and beauty or pain and suffering. In a reasonable world, our lives would be balanced equally with the good and bad. Sadly, for far too many people, the balance tips just ever so slightly in favor of the latter. Loneliness and isolation slowly compresses all emotions and feelings until all […]

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My World of Warcraft Impressions

  As I sit here writing this piece, I have World of Warcraft Alt+Tabbed behind me. The echoes of the beautiful score rippling into my headphones is filling me with a sense of nostalgia for a game that I actively disliked. This nostalgia is deceptive and I’m recognizing that, but I can’t help but feeling this enjoyment for a bygone […]

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Why I love Dragon’s Dogma

After my long hiatus, I’m finally back and ready to talk about games. I thought I’d talk today about one of my favorite games: Dragon’s Dogma! Hope you enjoy! I’ve discussed many times the importance of a strong narrative in Video Games. When I say this I don’t mean that every game needs to have an epics worth of dialogue […]

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Why I love Spec Ops: The Line

Video Games are an art form. A beautiful outlet for developers to share a story with the player in an interactive capacity. I’ve said it time and time again, video games are an underrated art, possibly the most underrated art. While the influence of games is at its highest point of all time, reaching millions of players around the world, […]

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Why Pokemon Go is significant (at least to me)

Pokemon Go is an international phenomenon that has been able to tap into a wider market than any other game has ever been able to. People who have never liked Pokemon and most likely will never have managed to sink a ridiculous amount of time and money into the game. The question on everybody’s mind is, why? At the time of my writing […]

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Why I love Rebel Galaxy (and why you should too)

The space trucking genre is a very niche market. As a matter of fact, the trucking subgenre is one of relatively low appeal with most games of the style being made as arcade games for Dave & Busters. 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker, I’m looking at you. So, color me surprised when one of the most enhancing and fun experiences […]

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This is a weirdly fierce debate between a lot of groups so I’m gonna drop this here to preface the content of this article: I don’t want this to be primarily focused on which genre of RPG is better because at the end of the day it is entirely subjective. What I’m writing about comes from my own experiences and […]

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A Bleak Future: A Cyberpunk Ramble

I’m a sucker for some good ol’ fashioned cyberpunk thrillers. I just adore the aesthetic more than anything. No matter what Cyberpunk game you play, or movie you watch, one thing will always remain consistent: the city. That seems like an odd statement to make but just give me an opportunity to prove this. While every city may have some visual […]

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Why I love Mount and Blade

Today I want to talk a little bit about Mount and Blade, a game released in 2007 by developer TaleWorlds Entertainment. This is a masterfully crafted, albeit janky, Action RPG. Yet, it’s not really fair to call it just an Action RPG. It is one of the most fully realized simulation games I have ever played. The scope and breadth […]