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Category: Quickie

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The Battlefield 1 Campaign has Huge Potential (Quickie)

The newest trailer for Battlefield 1’s single player campaign dropped recently and, suffice it to say, the game looks spectacular. The two-minute trailer was packed with high octane action sequences and a surprising amount of heart. The action looking spectacular is a given, this is a Battlefield game after all and one thing that modern first- person shooters can do […]

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Roguelands (Quickie)

Roguelikes are an interesting subgenre of gaming that have seen a recent surge in popularity. I have grown a significant fondness for roguelikes due to their inherent unfairness. The urge to constantly one up yourself is incredibly satisfying. Finding a new item on one run, killing a new boss in another. Each subsequent run holds a myriad of new items […]

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SteamWorld Heist (Quickie)

I’ve mentioned in previous posts as to the difficult relationship I’ve had with strategy games. They can be boring and unexciting at the best of times and unplayable messes at the worst. Only a few strategy games have ever been able to chip past my stone wall of instant abject boredom and actually work with me, but when a strategy […]