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Suicide Squad Review

DC has consistently proven themselves to be some of the most inconsistent filmmakers next to the mighty Fox. It’s actually surprising how poorly understand their characters, and when they do understand them, they can not create a competent film around them. Sadly, this is the case for DC’s recent venture into the comic turned film fray. Suicide Squad had a lot […]

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Pigsodus Preview

Pigs are incredible animals aren’t they? They give me bacon, sausages, ribs, and, according to the people over at Psilocybe Games, protection from menacing frog demons promising the absolute destruction of the world. I’d have to argue that the sausage and bacon are of a greater importance than the latter but to each their own. I recently sat down with the demo […]

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Roguelands (Quickie)

Roguelikes are an interesting subgenre of gaming that have seen a recent surge in popularity. I have grown a significant fondness for roguelikes due to their inherent unfairness. The urge to constantly one up yourself is incredibly satisfying. Finding a new item on one run, killing a new boss in another. Each subsequent run holds a myriad of new items […]

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Beat Cop Preview

Video Games that focus on the daily grind of a police officers job, or any job for that matter, are few and far between. Instead, we foucs on the bombastic, guns blazing aspect of their job that doesn’t exist. The issue is that the day to day life of a cop is boring and mundane like the day to day of […]

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Furi Review

Furi is an ultra intense bullet hell/third-person brawler mix from developer The Game Bakers. It’s a traditional boss rush game with unconventional mechanics and superbly responsive controls that, when working in unison, forms a beautiful bond. The game took a bit of time for me to get into it but once it hit me, it really hit me. While the story […]

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5 hours with: We Happy Few

We Happy Few by Compulsion Games made quite the impression on me at E3 2016. I hadn’t even thought about it going in to the convention but it quickly worked it’s into one of my games of the show. It exuded a fascinating style, particularly reminiscent of the works of George Orwell. After seeing the game at E3 I hadn’t […]

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Why I love Spec Ops: The Line

Video Games are an art form. A beautiful outlet for developers to share a story with the player in an interactive capacity. I’ve said it time and time again, video games are an underrated art, possibly the most underrated art. While the influence of games is at its highest point of all time, reaching millions of players around the world, […]

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5 hours with: Neverwinter (PS4)

Neverwinter by Cryptic Studios has finally been released on the PlayStation 4 after a three year wait. I was a really big fan of Neverwinter when it was originally released. The biggest draw was its fast paced combat system that rewarded stylistic attacks and real skill. In truth, MMOs have never really been my speed. I struggle with the constant grinding for XP and loot […]

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Age of Barbarians Extended Cut Review

Age of Barbarian by Crian Soft is a hack-and-slash side scrolling adventure game inspired by the 80s Sword-and-Sorcery genre. It’s fun and ridiculous although it does have some issues here and there. I can’t deny that the game does what it sets out to do. It’s campy, cheesy, and fully absurd. They probably didn’t mean for it but there was […]

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Ghostbusters (2016) Review

Well, it was bound to happen. The new Ghostbusters film has been released which means that the question on everybody’s mind is: “Is it the awful dumpster abortion that I knew it would be?” No, not really. “So, wait. Is it good?” Don’t get ahead of yourself. No, it’s not good but it’s not awful either. It’s a middling movie […]

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Why Pokemon Go is significant (at least to me)

Pokemon Go is an international phenomenon that has been able to tap into a wider market than any other game has ever been able to. People who have never liked Pokemon and most likely will never have managed to sink a ridiculous amount of time and money into the game. The question on everybody’s mind is, why? At the time of my writing […]

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Why I love Rebel Galaxy (and why you should too)

The space trucking genre is a very niche market. As a matter of fact, the trucking subgenre is one of relatively low appeal with most games of the style being made as arcade games for Dave & Busters. 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker, I’m looking at you. So, color me surprised when one of the most enhancing and fun experiences […]

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Inside Review

  Playdead’s Inside is a game that left a deep emotional imprint on me. It left me confused yet satisfied. The harrowing tale of The Boy through an Orwellian wet dream is one of the best stories to have graced the Video Game scene in years. You here the argument that Video Games have bad stories but Inside single-handedly shattered […]

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Kholat Review

Kholat is… complicated. I won’t say that it’s absolutely deplorable but it is undoubtedly complicated to explain. It left me with a lasagna of emotions ranging from absolute mess to strangely enjoyable. The open-world horror game from developer IMGN.PRO (released in 2015) follows the real-life story of 9 students traveling the Kholat mountain in the Russian wilderness. The fact that this […]

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Breached Review

Breached, the first game from developer Drama Drifters, is a harrowing tale of survival and isolation. This game taps on that instinct that is required to survive and the loneliness and isolation that accompanies it, all while the threat of impending doom lurks in the back of your mind. This takes the survival genre in a whole new, exciting direction; […]