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American Animals: A Chat on Editing

American Animals, the newest love project of film-maker and documentarian Bart Layton (who’s 2012 film The Imposter fundamentally reshaped the way that I consume documentaries), is the most finely edited production I have seen all year, and possibly the best film of the year. While the film has a fine cast, with the likes of Evan Peters and Barry Keoghan […]

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Film Review: The Strangers: Prey at Night

The 2008 Cult Horror film The Strangers was flawed. The titular “characters” (if I dare use such a word) were unstoppable forces of chaos and destruction. They were menacing, and haunting, and, most importantly, scary. Yes, they teleported. They were precogs with an uncanny ability for hunting down Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. The Strangers were on the level of […]

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The Walking Dead: The Ties That Bind Review

Beginning with Season 1 of the Walking Dead back in 2012, developer TellTale proved themselves to be expertly capable of creating rich, carefully crafted stories using well established IPs. Since then TellTale has tackled everything from Minecraft to Game of Thrones and has quite obviously left their mark on the modern day adventure game, a veritable roller coaster with the […]

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Orwell Review

Modern society is a tricky little beast isn’t it? Security, liberty, and freedom, three pillars of governance that seem to be in a constant state of tumultuous war with one another. But this raises an interesting question: which do we value more? I’d argue that that depends on the time of day that you ask us. Enter Orwell, the first […]