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Shadow Warrior 2 Review

The first-person shooter renaissance that we have been living through for the past year has provided the industry with some of the best FPS games in recent memory. As someone who not only loves the FPS genre, but FPS games from the nineties, I believe that it’s fair to say that we live in some truly beautiful times. The release […]

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My World of Warcraft Impressions

  As I sit here writing this piece, I have World of Warcraft Alt+Tabbed behind me. The echoes of the beautiful score rippling into my headphones is filling me with a sense of nostalgia for a game that I actively disliked. This nostalgia is deceptive and I’m recognizing that, but I can’t help but feeling this enjoyment for a bygone […]

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Why I love Dragon’s Dogma

After my long hiatus, I’m finally back and ready to talk about games. I thought I’d talk today about one of my favorite games: Dragon’s Dogma! Hope you enjoy! I’ve discussed many times the importance of a strong narrative in Video Games. When I say this I don’t mean that every game needs to have an epics worth of dialogue […]

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Brut@l Review

I recently realized that I’ve devoted quite a few articles towards the roguelite genre. It’s a testament towards my love for the particular sub-genre. Roguelites and Roguelikes are interesting since they’re so abundant in the marketplace that Steam is absolutely over saturated with twenty roguelike games a day. That’s why when a truly impressive roguelike game is released, it deserves […]

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Pigsodus Preview

Pigs are incredible animals aren’t they? They give me bacon, sausages, ribs, and, according to the people over at Psilocybe Games, protection from menacing frog demons promising the absolute destruction of the world. I’d have to argue that the sausage and bacon are of a greater importance than the latter but to each their own. I recently sat down with the demo […]

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Roguelands (Quickie)

Roguelikes are an interesting subgenre of gaming that have seen a recent surge in popularity. I have grown a significant fondness for roguelikes due to their inherent unfairness. The urge to constantly one up yourself is incredibly satisfying. Finding a new item on one run, killing a new boss in another. Each subsequent run holds a myriad of new items […]

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Furi Review

Furi is an ultra intense bullet hell/third-person brawler mix from developer The Game Bakers. It’s a traditional boss rush game with unconventional mechanics and superbly responsive controls that, when working in unison, forms a beautiful bond. The game took a bit of time for me to get into it but once it hit me, it really hit me. While the story […]

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5 hours with: Neverwinter (PS4)

Neverwinter by Cryptic Studios has finally been released on the PlayStation 4 after a three year wait. I was a really big fan of Neverwinter when it was originally released. The biggest draw was its fast paced combat system that rewarded stylistic attacks and real skill. In truth, MMOs have never really been my speed. I struggle with the constant grinding for XP and loot […]

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Age of Barbarians Extended Cut Review

Age of Barbarian by Crian Soft is a hack-and-slash side scrolling adventure game inspired by the 80s Sword-and-Sorcery genre. It’s fun and ridiculous although it does have some issues here and there. I can’t deny that the game does what it sets out to do. It’s campy, cheesy, and fully absurd. They probably didn’t mean for it but there was […]

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Why I love Rebel Galaxy (and why you should too)

The space trucking genre is a very niche market. As a matter of fact, the trucking subgenre is one of relatively low appeal with most games of the style being made as arcade games for Dave & Busters. 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker, I’m looking at you. So, color me surprised when one of the most enhancing and fun experiences […]

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This is a weirdly fierce debate between a lot of groups so I’m gonna drop this here to preface the content of this article: I don’t want this to be primarily focused on which genre of RPG is better because at the end of the day it is entirely subjective. What I’m writing about comes from my own experiences and […]

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The Technomancer Review

Yikes! I’m unaware of a more simplistic way to summarize this game. By god, it’s rough. It’s difficult for me to write this because I’m always hoping that a Spiders game succeeds. They create such fascinating worlds that I just want to get lost in but along the way they forget that they needed to make a playable game to […]

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Why I love Mount and Blade

Today I want to talk a little bit about Mount and Blade, a game released in 2007 by developer TaleWorlds Entertainment. This is a masterfully crafted, albeit janky, Action RPG. Yet, it’s not really fair to call it just an Action RPG. It is one of the most fully realized simulation games I have ever played. The scope and breadth […]